The Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance states that the amplitude of a wave is increased when supported by one or more additional waves of similar frequency.

Imagine that you are seated on a swing and I give you a good strong push that launches you forward to a highpoint and sets in motion the common back and forth motion we know and love as “swinging”. With no supportive attempts to keep you in motion, you will reach lower and lower heights until you are eventually still.

However, if I remain behind you and at the apex of each backswing I push you forward my supportive acts will not only keep you swing longer, but also cause you to swing higher.

Although the force required to keep you swinging, and increase the heights that you reach, is far less than what was initially need to launch you into motion, applied at the right moment, a relatively small amount of force can significantly amplify both your forward peak and your backward peak. This is the Law of Resonance at work.

The amplitude of a wave is the distance of its peak’s highest point, or its valley’s lowest point, measured from its flat-line state. The Law of Resonance commands that when we attempt to manifest in our lives what we desire in our minds we take care to control what we permit to resonate within us.

When we harbor negative thoughts and/or emotions we attract to ourselves negative consequences. When we support these negative thoughts and/or emotions with actions in furtherance of them, we increase the amplitude of the waves that are attracting the negative consequence, thereby causing them to come more quickly or with more intensity.

The more time we spend reflecting upon such thoughts and/or emotions, the more likely we are to spin multiple versions of the same theme. This too will increase the amplitude of the negativity we are transmitting to the universe and, in turn, increase the rapidity or severity of the consequence we shall receive.

Remember, all thoughts, speech, emotions, and actions are energy. When the content or character of this energy retains our focus long enough to enter our subconscious mind, it is transmitted to the universe as “desire”. When it is supported by similar thoughts, speech, emotions or actions, it is intensified.

The Law of Resonance is also responsible for the detectability of forms. When waves in the field of the universe intend to have an experience, they fix in form and attract “like” waves. When waves intended to be together combine they collapse (or “bind” according to the Law of Love ). When this happens their combined intent is amplified in accordance with the Law of Resonance, and the necessary resources (other forms/waves) are attracted in support of the desired intent. As more waves harmonize with (support) the original intent, a “presence” is manifest that is detectable to observers. This, of course, is the Law of Attraction at work and it applies to solids, liquids, gases, waves, objects and circumstances.

If you have been paying attention, the good news has already been revealed in the Law of Attraction . That is, resonance also works for the things we desire! When we desire something and support that desire with similarly supportive words, thoughts, emotions and deeds the Law of Resonance hastens the delivery and/or intensity of what we desire.

However, the main reason that people fail when attempting to attract what they want is because they remain focused upon the lack of having it. If I want to attract wealth, but day and night I worry about my debt . . . I complain about my debt . . . I calculate my debt . . . I AM ATTRACTING MORE DEBT!

My subconscious mind is creating resistance to the desires of my conscious mind. It is as if I am swinging through a pool of setting Jello. The resonance of my conscious desire is weak, but the resonance of my subconscious “desire” is strong.

I cannot possibly overstate to you THE IMPORTANCE of maintaining a positive outlook and attitude, banishing negativity within you as quickly as possible, consistently maintaining faith and taking action in support of what you desire.

The Law of Resonance is often silent and ignored, but it never sleeps!

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