Universal Law: Out of the Cash Game Into Urban Success

Whether you believe it, or not, there are principles of universal law at work in your life right now, that you can master and benefit from, or ignore and continue to fall victim to.

Urban American Success is a self-help site for personal development, based in the principles of universal law. Through the use of these laws, yours can be an urban American success story.

Regardless of your current challenges, this site can teach you:

  • The Science of Getting Rich
  • How to make real in your life, the ideals in your mind
  • How to avoid incarceration
  • How to produce passive income for life
  • How to improve your relationships, and
  • How to be truly happy.

“Comin’ up as a n***** in the cash game, livin’ in the fast lane, I’m for real.” – Tupac Amaru Shakur

Welcome. This self-help site is for all the “for real” folks, the everyday, “on the grind”, “gotta hustle”, “tryin’ to make a dollar outta fifteen cents” folks. This site is for the urban Americans who are, have been, or might get, caught-up in the cash game and are looking for a level of urban success that, so far, has been hard to attain.

I don’t mean to imply that people other than urban Americans don’t get caught-up, or that they can't benefit from universal law, but we who dwell in the larger cities of America, who participate in the so-called “rat race”, who choose to, or are forced to, live “in the fast lane”, fall victim to the cash game in larger numbers, and therefore have a greater need to understand the laws of the universe.

If this sounds like you, you should consider the free benefits of personal development based in the principles of universal law.

For the sake of our families, our sanity, and our generations to come, we, in urban America, need a viable alternative to the cash game—an uncomplicated path to wealth, freedom and happiness, that anyone can use, at no cost, and with little effort.

You probably have a few questions at this point. So, let me provide brief answers to the most obvious of these right away.

What are “universal laws”?

Universal laws are the consistent, reliable forces that govern the interplay of cause and effect.

Personal development that aligns with the natural laws of the universe is definitely the way out of the cash game. It is not a myth or a religion. All it requires is an open mind and effort, and IT WORKS.

What are you calling the“Cash Game”?

What I am calling the “cash game” is a mindset that makes getting your hands on “serious money” all-consuming, a necessity, a “must-have”, come hell or high water!

The cash game is that frame of mind that leaves you feeling financially threatened and can cause you to set aside your values, ethics, principles, your respect for self and others, even risk your freedom, for a chance to claim big stacks of dollar bills.

It forces people to do work that they hate and to live miserable lives. It drives the drug trade and the pimp and prostitution professions in every state. It moves the unscrupulous to theft, burglary, robbery, and violence. It causes the old, the ill, and the infirm, to work when they should be resting.

It’s the sparkle in the bling, the glitter of the gold, the chrome on the rims, and the swagger in the stride. It’s sometimes the pride, and sometimes the wanna-be, but, it’s always a trap. And, it leads far too many urban Americans (especially those of color) to incarceration and a cycle of revolving prison terms, frustration and poor decisions.

The cash game is the illusion that money is more than a tool, that money is sustenance itself, “bread,” “cheese,” “cheddar,” etc.

It’s the addiction that plays on our fear of poverty, illness, and old age. It motivates us to trade the bulk of our time on earth (or at least the best years of our strength and vitality), the bulk of our thought and energy, and sometimes our right to be free, for food, shelter and the hope of security at some point in the future, or worse—and far too often—for the notoriety and feeling of power that cash can temporarily provide.

It’s the urgency that pulls the trigger or thrusts the knife. It’s the crimson stain on the floor in the projects, and on the corner down the block. It’s the grime on the blue collar, the anxiety inside the power suit, the premature gray hairs, the short meal breaks, the long hours and the lack of time off.

The urban American cash game is alive and well, and it’s being played out in every city in the country. It’s being played out in every home where there is more month than money, more debt than assets, where due bills must go unpaid, and fear governs spending.

Is this going to be a waste of my time?

That will depend on you. This site is for all the urban Americans who hate the game, not the player, and are looking for a serious, nonthreatening, self-help path to success. If you are willing to reconsider what you have believed until now, how you think, why you do what you do, and what you are willing to pursue in order to have what you want, then this site may be for you.

This site is for you:

  • IF you are sick and tired of feeling broke, sick and tired
  • IF you believe that regardless of your education level, criminal history or work experience, you can legally achieve wealth, freedom and happiness
  • IF you are able to take full responsibility for what happens to you from this day forward
  • IF you want to experience satisfying personal growth and development
  • IF you want to teach the children in your family, and in your neighbor’s family, how to achieve, without shame or fear
  • IF you want to stop trading time for money and establish real meaning in your life
  • IF you want to come and go as you please, buy what you want when you want, and still be able to spend more quality time with those you love
  • IF you are willing to put in the time and effort to help yourself make necessary changes, and,
  • IF you have the courage to believe, without so-called “proof”, that you already possess the power (if not the knowledge) needed to set realistic goals and achieve them, despite ANY obstacle set before you.

This last point is crucial, perhaps you should read it again . . . it is what sets those who succeed, apart from those who fail!

Is this stuff reliable?

Absolutely. It is working for you right now. It always has, and it always will. But, not everyone will have reliable success. Consistent, reliable success requires change, faith and effort. You don’t have to fully believe in universal law at this moment, but, if you strongly disbelieve, or have overwhelming doubt, and you cannot develop the faith and courage you need to persevere in developing new habits, you will find little at this site that will be of assistance to you. So, if you choose to leave now, I fully understand. No hard feelings. Thank you for visiting. I hope you will return when you feel stronger.

To those who choose to read on, congratulations. If you have read this far, and choose to continue, you clearly have the necessary interest and desire. Time and commitment will determine if you have what it takes to rise above the herd, get out of the game, and live the life you really want.

Consider this. You may not understand why gravity draws objects toward the earth’s core, or why magnetic opposites attract, yet you accept these events as consistent, reliable truths . . . as natural, reliable “laws”.

You may not understand why smiling inspires others to smile, or why yawning inspires others to yawn, but like these, there are other very real and consistent principles at work, available to you everyday that you can use to achieve the life you want.

What should I expect?

Basing your personal development in an understanding of universal law is fairly simple, but it is not necessarily easy. Self-help rarely is. It does require effort, but I promise you, it definitely does work!

If you decide to stick around, you will learn (without spending a dime) how to use universal laws to improve your net worth, your inner-peace, your social/love life, and your surroundings.

As one who was caught-up “in the cash game” myself, now understanding the benefits of aligning with universal law, my goal is to help as many open minds, as possible, to get out of the game, stay alive, stay out of jail or prison, and find financial freedom and peace.

But, why is it free . . . what’s the catch?

Many will ask why I would do this for free. As you will learn in studying the laws of the universe, by offering this freely, not only do I get to feel good about what I am giving back to the universe, I am also guaranteeing multiple returns in compensation. (You will understand this better when you examine the laws of "Compensation" and "Multiple Returns".) So, why wouldn’t I do this for free?

Besides, those who need this information the most, can least likely afford to pay for it. And, it is they, that can afford it least, that I most want to have it.

What I share with you here, I share freely, and it is what I have learned the hard way, through years of struggle, study and research, not from watching a movie or reading a book.

If I had had a site like this years ago, in a voice that I could relate to, and structured so that I could really hear the wisdom and take it to heart, I might have been spared years of frustration and destructive mistakes. This is a major motivating factor in creating this site for your benefit.

Alright, so how should I begin this journey?

You should read the About Me" section, so you have a good idea of who it is that is sharing this information with you.

Check out the disclaimers in "About This Site".

Then, begin with "Understanding Universal Laws".

In the pages that follow, I will tell you why so many who have seen the movie, The Secret, or read books on universal law, manifest their desires with inconsistent success, if any success at all (here’s a hint, you have to do more than just visualize what you want, and state it with clarity). I urge you to devour this free information. Analyze it and use it.

Then, continue to grow, learn more, and share what you learn with others. Don't be afraid to visit related sites. You will often find free and valuable information there. I certainly encourage you to do independent research. The more questions you get answered, the more confident you will be in using these principles.

Never believe that you have learned enough, because you will never have learned all that the universe has to teach. And, when you think that you have enough, you will miss out on important observations and opportunities to grow and raise your consciousness.

But, there will always be those who know less about universal law than you, so as you learn more, please be willing to help others to help themselves. Pay this favor forward. It is up to you and me to break the cycles of poverty, strife and incarceration in our families and communities. We, in urban America, have to do more to lift up and support one another. And backed by universal law, this should become much easier than it has been.

Again, welcome. I hope you will stay for awhile, explore the site, offer feedback, and return often. Enjoy the journey!

Peace and blessings,

Lindsey Pope

Lindsey Pope

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